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AGFA Film Processor

Fuji Prima T

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AGFA CP1000 brochure


Online Price: $4,295.00

Includes 5 liter

replenishment bottles


Includes light Tight Feed

tray Cover


We will provide installation video with purchase


FOB Origin - Customer pays freight


Processor Stand: $489.00


1 year warranty on parts


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AGFA CP 1000

The CP1000 Processor is ideal for diagnostic offices, military field clinics, remote departments, and chiropractic and veterinary offices. It is also an excellent backup for your regular processor. The CP 1000 provides consistent, high-quality processing of film sizes ranging from 4" Χ 4" up to 14" Χ 36" for applications with moderate patient/film volume.


Fast Processing

With its 125-second cycle time (leading edge into developer to leading edge at dryer), the CP 1000 provides quick access to finished radiographs.


Energy Efficient

The CP 1000 operates on only 400 watts of power. Economical stand-by mode reduces power to 100 watts when the processor is idle. To further reduce power consumption, the processor may be turned off when not in active use, then, because of its fast warm-up time, quickly restarted.


Advantages Over Typical Low-Volume Processors

• The CP 1000 uses a simple, accessible film transport system with fewer rollers instead of conventional heavy roller racks. Clean-up is much easier.


• The CP 1000 uses an infrared dryer instead of the typical hot-air dryer. It’s fast-drying, quiet and energy efficient.


• The CP1000 uses only 400 watts of power, compared with the typical 1500 watts for other processors. In standby mode it uses only 100 watts.


• The rapid start-up time allows the CP1000 to be shut off when not in use and restarted only when needed. It can be ready for processing from a cold start in only 7 minutes.


Easy Cleaning

With the cover removed, the tanks are easily drained. Rollers, guide plates and chemical tanks lift out, and are easily rinsed. The processor can be properly

cleaned in only minutes. Easy Operation


There are only three controls:

• Power ON/OFF switch – Turns processor and tank heaters on.


• Manual Replenishment Key/Film Feed Light – Used to manually start the replenishment cycle when the processor has been idle for more than a day. The Film Feed Light is illuminated during the replenishment cycle and when film is passing through the processor. When the light turns off, a new film may be fed into the processor.


• Dryer temperature step-switch – adjusts the temperature of the infrared dryer as required.


Easy Set Up

The CP 1000 does not require professional installation or plumbing. Setting up and installing it takes less than one hour and requires only simple tools.


Easy Film Processing

Simply open the optional Feed Tray/Light Cover, feed the film into the processor, and close the Light Cover as soon as the film has cleared the feed tray. You’re free to leave the darkroom without risk of fogging the film. Film is deposited into the receiver tray, ready for viewing in about two minutes. The CP 1000 may also be operated without using the Feed Tray/Light Cover.


Simple Film Path

 When film enters the processor, it passes the film scanner which regulates the replenishment system. A series of rollers transports the film through the developer, the fixer and wash-water tanks and the dryer section. 



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